P. 14113 V: Kalender

Material:  Papyrus Acquisition:  Alter Bestand.
Form:  Blatt Location:   Papyrusdepot
Text Layout:  2 Kolumnen, je 6 Zeilen. Side and Direction:   Verso, quer zu den Fasern
Language:  Lateinisch Other Side:   anderer Text
Genre:  dokumentarisch Script and Notations:  
Date:  3. Jh. n.Chr. Provenance:  
Fragment eines Kalenders mit Auflistung von Tagen in Mai.
A. Bruckner - R. Marichal, ChLA X 461.
TM 69958  HGV 69958  Papyri.info 69958
Text, based on the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (CC BY), see link:


1[-ca.?-]ṿiii Id(us) I[-ca.?-]
2[-ca.?-]v[ii] Id(us)  ̣[-ca.?-]
3[-ca.?- v]ị Id(us) K[-ca.?-]
4[-ca.?- v] Id(us) K[-ca.?-]
5[-ca.?- iiii] [Id(us) Fa[-ca.?-]
6[-ca.?- iii Id(us)] Ṃai K[-ca.?-]
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ChLA X, S. 81.

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