Major find spots

Due to the peculiar climatic conditions in Egypt most of the extant papyri and ostraca come from Middle and Upper Egypt, the oases of the Western Desert, the garrisons and mining settlements of the Eastern Desert, as well as the seaports on the Red Sea. The history of excavations and acquisitions of the Berlin collection entailed that many texts come from settlements located in the large Fayum depression. Other important parts of the collection stem from Busiris (Herakleopolites) in Middle Egypt and from Hermupolis, Theben, Apollonos Polis and Elephantine in Upper Egypt, besides texts from a multitude of other find spots throughout Egypt.

Soknopaiu Nesos (Dimê)Trismegistos Geo ID 2157: Berliner Texte

Philadelpheia (Gharabet el-Gerza)Trismegistos Geo ID 1760: Berliner Texte

Theadelpheia (Batn el-Harit)Trismegistos Geo ID 2349: Berliner Texte

Tebtynis (Umm el-Baragât)Trismegistos Geo ID 2287: Berliner Texte

Busiris in Herakleopolites (Abusir el-Melek)Trismegistos Geo ID 471: Berliner Texte

Hermupolis (Eschmunen)Trismegistos Geo ID 816: Berliner Texte

Theben = DiospolisTrismegistos Geo ID 576: Berliner Texte

Apollonos Polis (Edfu)Trismegistos Geo ID 269: Berliner Texte

Elephantine (Geziret Assuan)Trismegistos Geo ID 621: Berliner Texte