P. 21248 Fr. b, c, d, e, f: Epische Fragmente

Material:  Papyrus Acquisition:  Ankauf in Eschmunen (Fr. b: Blechkiste 242, Fr. c: Blechkiste 314, Fr. d: Blechkiste 69, Fr. e: Blechkiste 314 + 218, Fr. f: Blechkiste 218).
Find Location:  Eschmunen
Form:  Rolle Location:   Papyrusdepot
Text Layout:  Fr. b: 4 Zeilen
Fr. c: 4 Zeilen
Fr. d: 6 Zeilen
Fr. e: 12 Zeilen
Fr. f: 3 Zeilen
Side and Direction:   Rekto, parallel zu den Fasern
Language:  Griechisch Other Side:   unbeschriftet
Genre:  literarisch (Epik) Script and Notations:  
Date:  5. – 6. Jh. n.Chr. Provenance:  Hermupolis (?)
G. Ioannidou, BKT IX 152; N. Gonis, BKT IX 152: Late Hexameters from Hermopolis, APF 49, 2003, 13–16.
Additional Literature:
L. Miguélez Cavero, Poems in Context. Greek Poetry in the Egyptian Thebaid 200–600 AD [Sozomena. Studies in the Recovery of Ancient Texts 2], Berlin - New York, 2008, 49.
TM 63051  LDAB 4247  MP3 1957.82
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Publizierte Abbildungen:
BKT IX, Tafel 66.

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