Object of the Month

Here, another special text from the collection will be introduced every month.

Wisdom or power – who is the moral winner?

BKT IX 38 (P. 6934 V + P. 21137 V) The conflict between wisdom and power is an old topic. It is therefore not surprising that stories of many famous wise women and men have been handed down in which… Read More

One receipt’s literary „glow-up“: an anthology from the Kleitorios archive

P. 12311 First used a receipt, then upcycled as a surface for a writing exercise: this ostracon contains remnants of a receipt as well as being an “anthology” with three short texts! To be precise, three independent texts are recognisable… Read More

Christmas with Thorns? Two Christian Hymns

P. 8687 Most definitely, you have heard of Christmas, perhaps you often even celebrated it and sang carols while doing so. But what have thorns to do with Christmas? What was it like 1400 years ago? Were there the same… Read More

Puzzle of a Multiplication Exercise

SB XXII 15312 (P. 11702) An odd drawing, a multiplication-table and a bird! All of this can be found on a Berlin papyrus and gives puzzles. What does that mean? In what context are these elements related to each other?… Read More

Babylonian planetary calculation in Greco-Roman Egypt

P. 16511 V Anybody who is eager to determine the precise position of stars or planets in the sky, can nowadays open their computer and find everything they seek with a few clicks through modern software. In antiquity, this was… Read More

Medicine and Philosophy united?

BKT IX 42 (P. 21141) Reason in the head, bravery in the heart, desire in the liver – the famous ancient physician Galen tries to build a bridge between Hippocratic medicine and Platonic philosophy. A small fragment from this great… Read More

All you need to know about marriage

BKT V.2, S. 123–128, Nr. XX A (P. 11632) How to get an idea of what Greeks thought about marriage? Go to the anthologies! An anthology is a collection of selected literary passages by one or more authors. Greek papyri… Read More

History of a Wonder of the World

FGrHist 533 F 2 (P. 11632) Who can name all Seven Wonders of the World, let alone say, when and why they were built? With the Colossus of Rhodes, a papyrus can help us to understand its creation. The papyrus… Read More

Cooperative Agriculture

BGU IX 1900 (P. 11642) If you have ever been annoyed by the high rent of your apartment, house or land, then you are basically no different from the people of ancient Egypt. Already at that time pieces of land… Read More

A Magical Dream Oracle

GEMF 30/PGM II (P. 5026) Dreams played an important role in ancient Egypt and the ancient world in general. Only in a dream could a dead person appear to a living one. Furthermore, people believed that dreams could predict the… Read More